An Incidental Priest Will Leave You Wanting More to Read from Cardinal Johnson

An Incidental Priest is an eloquent, passionate book that discusses many of the difficult questions faced by Catholics in these challenging times. As I read it, I was reminded of the 1950’s TV homilies by the very popular Catholic evangelist, Bishop Fulton Sheen that my father watched when I was a child. So I was not surprised after reading An Incidental Priest for a while that its author Rutherford Cardinal Johnson quoted Bishop Sheen in his chapter on Humility and Hypocrites. It seemed to me that Cardinal Johnson had been channeling Bishop Sheen throughout An Incidental Priest.

Both men speak passionately and provocatively about the Church, its people and how both relate to their contemporary worlds. The key words binding these two Catholic evangelists are: passionate, provocative, and contemporary. Yes, the issues affecting the Catholic Church today are somewhat different because so much has happened in the Church and our society since Bishop Sheen was with us; but, if you wonder what he would say in his homilies today look no further than Cardinal Johnson and his book An Incidental Priest.

The chapter titles summarize the larger topics but really just scratch the surface of the rich discussion about what’s wrong with the Church and society—Liberalism and secularism; and, what’s right with the Church and society—its tenets and their manifestations that are embodied in Christian charity. So get ready to take a spiritual journey to learn about the book’s namesake, charity, right/wrong, humility and hypocrites, the enemy, using your talents to glorify God, the Mass, embracing our Christian natures, happiness, our interdependence, and our greatest hope.

It is an engaging, thought-provoking read that will leave you wanting more to read from Cardinal Johnson. I highly recommend it. Five Stars.

Ronald Louis Peterson — Author, A TIME TO&ldots;


By Rutherford Card. Johnson

ISBN: 978-0615482736

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An Incidental Priest shows that if we work together we can create synergy
where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, thus establishing
harmony in which we are more peaceful and happy...and no one is incidental.
- Dan Coberly, Former Senior Correspondent and Chief of Pacific Bureaus,
Stars & Stripes Daily Newspaper, Tokyo

An Incidental Priest, is about being one of many people, but still making a difference and still making your life count. The book talks about the concept of a priest, one of so many in the Church over the past two thousand years, who is always there for those who need him. This is the incidental priest, an archetype for humble Christian service towards others, guiding the faithful on their spiritual journeys. Though this incidental priest may be one of many, he still serves a vital role in the world. Drawing from the pastoral writings, sermons, and personal experiences of the author, some of the most essential and difficult issues of modern society are discussed, always cycling back to the incidental priest's example of selfless service and love towards others. An Incidental Priest strives for the idea of what it means to live as a true Christian in modern society.

Rutherford Cardinal Johnson is the Patriarch of the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church, an Old Roman Catholic Patriarchate in the Anglican Tradition descended from the ancient See of Utrecht, which was granted autonomy by the Holy See in 1145.