The Tribunals of the Anglican Patriarchate are the ecclesiastical law courts of the Stato Pontificio, See of St. Stephen, Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church. Each tribunal has a specific function, and cases are heard as needed by a panel of judges. The functions of the tribunals are governed by the Code of Particular Canon Law. They hear matters pertaining to annulments of marriage, doctrinal matters, and administrative matters. In cases involving potential sanctions, should penalties are imposed, they may consist of excommunication, interdict, or ecclesiastical censure, and in the case of clergy, deposition from office and/or removal from the clerical state.


Patriarchal Tribunal of the Florentine Rota

Florentine Rota Website


Supreme Tribunal of the Prefecture of Faith and Doctrine

This tribunal is the supreme ecclesiastical court of the Anglican Patriarchate, Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church. It is primarily an appellate court. In rare cases pertaining to certain matters of faith and doctrine, it can serve as a court of first instance. The Prefect of Faith and Doctrine serves ex officio as the Chief Judge.


Tribunal of the Patriarchal Penitentiary

This tribunal, headed by a clerical official known as the Penitentiary Major, is primarily responsible for maintaining lists of indulgenced acts, granting dispensations from form, and hearing penitential disputes. In some cases it may be a court of first instance, particularly pertaining to matters of the clergy.





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