The Pontifical Order of Merit of St. Stephen and Our Lady of Walsingham is an extension of the Order of the Eagle. It may be conferred by H.H.E. the Archfather as a personal gift in recognition of exceptional personal merit. It is one of the most exclusive associations in the world, with membership limited to no more than ten living members.

The neck insignia consists of a red cross of St. Stephen, with gold eagles in between the points, upon which is a blue cross moline in honor of Our Lady of Walsingham. In the centre is a gold eagle upon a blue circular background edged in gold. The medal is suspended from a ribbon of red and yellow. The service ribbon may alternatively be worn through the second buttonhole of a uniform tunic.


The postnominals are "POM" in English and Italian.


Current Roll of Members

HHE the Archfather

HIRM the Princess of Rome

HMERH the Count of Marmande, Elector of Trier

HIRH Count Coberly, Elector of Würzburg

HSH the Count di Valibona, Prince de Chauvigny

HE the Count Lisle



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