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The Chaplains' Regiment


The Chaplains' Regiment is the serving chaplains unit of the Walsingham Guard. Chaplains and support staff may be assigned to serve within other units of the Guard and/or serve directly through the Chaplains' Regiment in the Guard and in the world. Chaplains serve in hospital, military, fire, police, educational, and other settings to bring the Gospel of our Lord and His healing power and comfort to all in need. The Chaplains' Regiment is a key part of the humanitarian mission of the Walsingham Guard. Ordained chaplains are part of the clergy of the Patriarchate of Saint Stephen (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church) or are on assignment thereto. The insignia of the Chaplains' Regiment, which is also used as their cap badge, is built upon the St. George cross.

Regimental Stand of Colours

Patriarchal Colour


Regimental Colour

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