Pontifical Family
Senior officers in direct service of the Archfather,
ranking as Private Chaplains, except where noted).
(See also Pontifical Family within the Nobile Anticamera Segreta.)

H.S.H. the Duke of Metz
Patriarchal Majordomo
Presiding over the Seconda Anticamera.
(If a cleric, he ranks as a Prelate di Fiocchetto.)

Foriere Maggiore (Major Herald)
Assistant to and substitute for the Majordomo.

Rev. Mgr. Elliott Francis, TOR Mar.
Guardroba (Wardrobe Master)
Presiding over the wardrobe and vesture of the Archfather.

Sotto-Guardaroba (Wardrobe Assistants)
Assisting the Guardaroba.

Mr. C. Francis
Train Bearer

Private Chaplains of H.H.E.
Clerics hold the grade of Private Chaplain, with the title of Rev. Monsignor.
Laity hold the grade of Private Chaplain of Honour.

Mace Bearers
Carry the archpatral maces and batons.

H.E. Hugh, Lord of Ras-el-Bar

Bussolanti (Ushers)
(Also serve as altar servers for papal masses.

Mr. N.L. Francis

Mr. N. Merkle

Patriarchal Cursors
Papal messengers and heralds.

The Lord of Castana

The Serving Companions of the Noble Company
also rank as Chaplains of Honour of the Seconda Anticamera.


Chief Bussolante (Chief Usher)

Scopatori Segreti (Private Attendant)

HSH Prince Ryker v. Stoutenburg v Bar-Lorraine

Assistants of the Household

Bradlee, Noble v. Metz

Facchini (Porters)

Easton, Noble v. Stoutenburg v Bar-Lorraine

Rhettlee, Noble v. Stoutenburg v Bar-Lorraine

The Squires and Pages of the Noble Company
also rank as members of the Seconda Anticamera as Assistants of the Anticamera.


Official of the Seconda Anticamera

Bussolante (Usher)

Cursori Patriarcali (Patriarchal Cursors)

Scopatori Segreti (Private Attendants)

Assistants of the Household

Master of the Household
and Train Bearers

Official of the Seconda Anticamera
(Civil Uniform)
(Shown: Patriarchal Cursor)

Assistants of the Anticamera
(Civil Uniform)
(Shown: Patriarchal Facchino)




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