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The Patriarchal Chapter comprise the seniormost part of the Pontifical Court. Its role is to advise and support the ministry of His Holiness and Eminence the Archfather in the governance of this Particular Church. The members of the Chapter are titular archbishops and bishops of the Patriarchal See and Canons, who are prelates that may be in minor orders, deacons, or priests, and other prelates. The Chapter is headed by a Dean, who is the senior-most prelate within the Pontifical Court. Additionally, the chief assistant to the Archfather and administrative leader of the Patriarchal Curia, the First Archdeacon, is a member of the Chapter.

Prelates di Fiocchetto
Prefect of Faith and Doctrine
Prefect of the Patriarchal Aerarium
Treasurer of the Patriarchal Curia
First Archdeacon
Prefect-General of the Stato Pontificio (if a cleric)
Patriarchal Maggiordomo (if a cleric)

H.M.E.R.H. Count Don Keith, Duke of Westphalia & Elector of Trier
Governor-General of the Patriarchal See of St. Stephen
Dean of the Patriarchal Chapter
The Governor-General is a senior official in both the Court and Curia responsible for the administration of the temporal patrimony of the Patriarchal See.

H.M.E.R.H. Count Don Douglas, Prince v. Aschaffenburg
and Elector of Mainz
Chancellor of the Court of Saint Mary of Walsingham
Arch-Chancellor of the Patriarchate
The Chancellor serves in both the Pontifical Court and the Patriarchal Curia as a senior admnistrative official,
heading the Chancery, which is responsible for producing and certifying official documents

Crown Cardinals

H.M.E.R.H. Don Rubén, Cardinal Count of Gévaudan, Prince of Septimania
Crown Cardinal of France

First Archdeacon
H.I.R.H. Count Don Daniel, Elector of Würzburg

Capitular Bishops, Deans, and Canons

H.B. Most Rev. Patriarch Heigo Ritsbek
Capitular Archbishop

H.S.H. Most Rev. Mgr. Norman Dutton
Capitular Archbishop

H.E. Mgr. Donatien Abel Tshitanta
Capitular Archbishop

H.E. Most Rev. Mgr. David Nicholls
Capitular Bishop

H.E. Most Rev. Mgr. Alejandro Paulo Rodrigues
Capitular Bishop

H.E. Most Rev. Mgr. Alberto Darío Palavecino
Capitular Bishop

H.E. Most Rev. Mgr. Carlos Vich y Pizarro
Capitular Bishop

H.E. Most Rev. Mgr. Bruce Douglas Campbell†
Capitular Bishop

H.E. Rt. Rev. Archabbot Anthony Giunta, TOR Mar.
Canon Priest

Very Rev. Mgr. John Vornholt†
Dean ad Honorem

Deans and Canons of Patriarchal Minor Basilicas

Private Chaplains in Ministerial Offices

H.S.H. the Duke of Metz
Patriarchal Majordomo
Presiding over the Seconda Anticamera.
(If a cleric, he ranks as a Prelate di Fiocchetto.)

Foriere Maggiore (Major Herald)
Assistant to and substitute for the Majordomo.

Rev. Mgr. Elliott Francis, TOR Mar.
Guardroba (Wardrobe Master)
Presiding over the wardrobe and vesture of the Archfather.

Sotto-Guardaroba (Wardrobe Assistants)
Assisting the Guardaroba.

Mr. C. Francis
Train Bearer

Mace Bearers
Carry the archpatral maces and batons.

H.E. Hugh, Lord of Ras-el-Bar

Patriarchal Cursors
Papal messengers and heralds.

The Lord of Castana


Pontifical Family
In direct service of the Archfather.


H.M.E.R.H. Count Don Douglas, Elector of Mainz
Master of the Chamber*
The Master of the Chamber is a cleric with the prelatial rank of Chamberlain.
He presides over the Anticamera Nobile.

H.I.R.M. Donna Hanna, Princess of Rome
The Auditor serves as the chief administrative assistant for curial work.

H.Ill.H. the Count Garrison
The Secretary serves as the chief correspondence officer and chief of protocol.

H.I.R.H. Count Don Daniel, Elector of Würzburg
The Coppiere is the honourary wine steward, a traditional position of honour.

Master of the Patriarchal Palace
Theologian of the Anglo-Roman Papa

H.M.E.R.H. the Very Rev. Prince v. Aschaffenburg
Elemosiniere Segreto (Private Almoner)
The Prefect of the Patriarchal Aerarium and responsible for the
charitable works in the name of the Archfather.

H.Ill.H. the Count von der Steinhörst
Archiatra of H.H.E.
The Archiatra is the chief medical officer of the Patriarchal curia and Pontifical Court
and chief personal physician of the Anglo-Roman Papa.

Chamberlains of Honour
(In addition to the Chamberlains, the Chamberlains of Honour
carry various pontifical objects during the Holy Mass.)

H.S.H. the Duke of Metz
Grand Master of the Noble Company
(By tradition, first among the lay Chamberlains of Honour.)

H.I.R.H. the Grand Prince of Etruria

H.I.R.H. the Grand Princess of Eturia

H.M.E.R.H. Countess Alicia, Electress of Trier

H.M.E.R.H. Countess Wanda, Electress of Mainz

H.R.H. Countess Clara Abigayle

H.R.H. Countess Giovanna Seraphina

H.S.H. the Prince Wetsch

H.E. Count Gavrilchik

H.E. Countess Gavrilchik

H.E. Countess Lisle

Parafrenieri (Grooms)

H.E. Count Palatine Lisle

H.E. the Count Palatine of Randersacker

General Staff and Commandants of the Walsingham Guard
(Walsingham Guard & Naval Guard Website)

Nobles in Service at the Patriarchal Throne

Masters of the Virga Rubea
(Escort the Patriarchal Staff of St. Stephen in Procession.)

H.G. Floyd, Duke of Hattin, Archduke of Alcazar, Baron of Borgo Priolo

H.E. the Baron of Esne and Rottingen

Cavallerizzo Maggiore (Master of the Horse)

Maestro Generale delle Poste (Postmaster-General of the Patriarchate)

Chev. Rivera

Nobles of the Nobile Anticamera Segreta

H.E. Count Clark

H.E. James Joseph, Viscount of Marzano

H.E. Paul, Baron of Bagnaria

H.E. Florian, Baron of Gerenzago

H.E. Joseph, Lord of Albaredo

H.E. Peter, Baron of Ottobiano

H.E. Hugh, Lord of Ras-el-Bar

H.E. Jon, Lord of Derment

Chev. Refieuna

Private Chaplains of H.H.E. and Private Chaplains of Honour of H.H.E.
Clerics hold the grade of Private Chaplain, with the title of Rev. Monsignor.
Laity may hold the grade of Private Chaplain of Honour.

Bussolanti (Ushers)
(Also serve as altar servers for papal masses.

Mr. N.L. Francis

Mr. N. Merkle

The Serving Companions of the Noble Company
also rank as Private Chaplain of Honour.


Chief Bussolante (Chief Usher)

Scopatori Segreti (Private Attendant)

HSH Prince Ryker v. Stoutenburg v Bar-Lorraine

Assistants of the Household

Bradlee, Noble v. Metz

Facchini (Porters)

Easton, Noble v. Stoutenburg v Bar-Lorraine

Rhettlee, Noble v. Stoutenburg v Bar-Lorraine

The Squires and Pages of the Noble Company
also rank as Assistants of the Anticamera.

Patriarchal Chamberlain

Canon of the Chapter

Noble of the Anticamera

Nobles of the Anticamera (civil uniform)

Patriarchal Chamberlains of Honour

Patriarchal Parafrenieri (Grooms)

Patriarchal Parafrenieri (Grooms)
(Civil Uniform)

Bussolante (Usher)

Cursori Patriarcali (Patriarchal Cursors)

Scopatori Segreti (Private Attendants)

Assistants of the Household

Lay Chaplain of Honour of H.H.E.
(Civil Uniform)
(Shown: Patriarchal Cursor)

Assistants of the Anticamera
(Civil Uniform)
(Shown: Patriarchal Facchino)





* The Master of the Chamber and Chamberlains hold prelatial rank of Chamberlain in the prelature and are at least in Minor Orders.



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