Notes on Archpatral Masses, Liturgy, and Ceremonies


1. The mass or liturgy is served by the bussolanti.

2. The pontifical objects used by the archfather are carried by Chamberlains or Chamberlains of Honour. It is these officials who primarily assist the Archfather during the liturgy and ceremonies. They do not use the vimpa.

3. Usually the pastoral staff is not carried or utilised. Rather, it may be carried in procession by a Chamberlain or Chamberlain of Honour.

4. The bugia is not used.

5. The train is carried most typically by the train bearer(s) of the Seconda Anticamera. If front train bearers are to be used for the front of the patriarchal falda, then they may be chosen from the Auditors of the Florentine Rota, the Chamberlains, or the Chamberlains of Honour, or another official of the Chamber of the Anticamera Nobile as convenient.

6. The Kiss of Peace is not given during a solemn archpatral mass.



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