Latino and Germanic Culture

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The Germanic culture of the Anglican Patriarchate of originates with the Merovingian dynasty and of the Holy Roman Empire. The culture of the Frankish people represented in the patriarchate is principally through Italy, portions of modern-day Germany, France, and the British Isles. The Latino culture of the Anglican Patriarchate includes Italy, France, Spain, and portions of the French and Spanish Americas. Latino culture originated with the Latins in the Roman Empire and spread with the Empire around much of Europe. That included especially not only Italy, but Spain and Gaul (roughly modern-day France). With the expansion of Spain and France (which included significant Italian support) to the New World, Latino culture spread to the Americas. Those modern societies that have historical romance languages, which derived from Latin, comprise the modern Latino society. In the Europe, that includes at least Italy, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Romania, Switzerland, and parts of Belgium. In the New World, it includes those people descended from the European Latino countries. They are properly termed both Latino like their European counterparts and also Latin Americans (Latino-Americano in Spanish and Italian). Unfortunately in recent times, the United States has appropriated the European term "Latino" and changed its meaning, defining it as only the Latin-Americans. What ever the motivation may have been for doing that, it disenfranchised and excluded Latinos of European origin, including the very fountainhead of Latino culture, the Italian peninsula where Latin language and culture originated and spread through the Roman Empire. Those of European Latino culture, heritage, or origin, however, rightly should not permit their own heritage and history to be erased.

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