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What should the personality of a priest be?

There is no one personality type that is suited to the priesthood. Priests have diverse personalities. What is important is for each priest to know himself and use his personality for the service and glory of God.

 A priest is an alter Christus. When he stands before the people in his sacramental and liturgical role, his personality is diminished. It is not a performance centered on the personality of the priest, but a corporate act of worship. Indeed, a "cult of personality" as so often arises in modern faith communities is quite contrary to the Catholic faith. It is Christ who is elevated and the priest who is diminished.

So, do not worry whether or not you have the so-called "personality of a priest" according to some formula. Instead, consider whether or not you feel a calling in your heart to put your entire life in the service of God through the Sacred Ministry.

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