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Parents play a vital role in their child's discernment of their future vocation, whatever it may be. It is crucial that their future vocation be nutured in the home. Parents are urged to establish an environment in the home in which their children may more clearly hear God's call. It is often difficult to hear God's call, but you as parents have a special ability to help make this happen.

As parents, you should teach your children to listen to God; to quiet their minds and listen to His voice and his call. You can do this through example, by showing them how to listen in general.

Of course, you need to pray. Teach them to pray on their own, and pray together as a family. Help them learn the Scriptures.

Keep them involved in church activities. Take them to mass, to daily offices, to special events.

Get them involved in learning about themselves. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have historically been good for this, as are other after-school activities.

Get them involved in volunteer activities. Make sure they understand about the importance of serving others.

Remind them that marriage is also a vocation. Show them how you live out your Christian vocation of marriage.

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