To receive begin the process of discerning a vocation to the priesthood,
please email us at AulaSMW (at) (replace "(at)" with "@").
Your email should contain the information listed below to receive consideration.
Due to the volume of enquiries we receive, there may be a delay in response.

Note: If you are a member of a diocese under the USCCB, ECUSA, CofE, ECI, or other Episcopal Conference of the Roman Communion, Eastern Orthodoxy, or Anglican Communion and wish to serve within the parishes of that conference, then you should contact the vocations office of your diocese. The Roman and Anglican Communions and Eastern Orthodox Patriarchates are not administratively affiliated with the Imperial Roman Church.

Full Name

Email Address

Postal Address, City, State, and Country

Current Occupation

Highest Level of Education Completed (including major)

Whether or not you have completed any seminary training already.
(If so, please indicate the seminary and location, as well as the courses you took.)

Current Parish and Location

Current Religious Affiliation


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