Vigil Service
Approved for use 5 March 2012

So that the laity may participate more fully in public recitation of the Divine Offices as contained in the Breviary, the Vigil Service is approved for use. It may be used for all Doubles of the First and Second Class and for other feasts for which its First Vespers is to be said, at the discretion of jurisdictional Bishops and Rectors. The Vigil Service is not a new or additional service, but rather refers to the manner and timing in which the offices are recited. The Vigil Service applies only to the offices of Vespers, Compline, Matins, and Lauds.

If a Vigil Service is to be said, it begins around the usual time for Vespers. The order of the service is as follows:

1. First Vespers of the Feast.
2. Compline as appointed in the breviary according to the feast follows immediately without pause.
3. The Marian antiphon appointed after Compline is omitted.
4. The Triple Prayer is said as usual, once as appointed for after Compline, and again immediately as appointed before Matins.
5. Matins then follows without pause as usual.
6. Lauds follows immediately as usual.
7. The Marian antiphon is said after Lauds as appointed, with its prayers, and followed by the Sacrosanctae at the conclusion of the office.


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