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H.Em. Most Rev. Mgr. Rutherford Cardinal Johnson-Etruria-di Daniell, Count of Sainte Animie is the Patriarch of the Old Holy Roman Church of the English Rite (Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church), an Old Roman Catholic Patriarchate with Anglican tradition descended from the See of Utrecht, which was granted autonomy by the Holy See in 1145. He previously served as 6th Bishop of the Diocese and Metropolitan of the Archdiocese of the Southwest. Cardinal Johnson was elected Patriarch of Saint Stephen in 2011 by the Patriarchal Electors. By his office, he is titular Elector of Würzburg in the Holy Roman Empire, Cardinal Deacon of Santa Maria Antiqua in camera persona, and 3rd Cardinal Prince of Florence in succession of office from Leo X and Ferdinand I de' Medici.

Confirmed in the Roman Communion, Mgr. Rutherford's priestly formation began as a youth and continued through his formal secular education. Raised in Rancho la Costa, California, and the southern United States, His Eminence possesses a diverse, multi-disciplinary education. The Patriarch holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics and a Masters degree in Economic from Georgia Tech, a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Kentucky, a Licentiate and Doctorate of Canon Law, and a Licentiate and Doctorate of Sacred Theology from Pontifical Georgian College, the Patriarchal See's principal seminary. He is an economics professor and former university chaplain, and now serves as Regent of Pontifical Georgian College.

An Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America, Cardinal Count Rutherford remains active in service and philanthropy supporting various charitable outreach programs and apostolates. He has been honored by the Governors of Kentucky, Alabama, and Texas for his leadership and service and is a recipient of the U.S. President's Volunteer Service Award Gold Medal and the U.S. President's Lifetime Achievement Award. The Cardinal served as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. He participated in homeland defense efforts during the Global War on Terrorism and is a plankowner (charter member) of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. As part of his ministry in the Patriarchate of St. Stephen, he serves in the Walsingham Guard, the humanitarian wing of the Patriarchate with a military heritage dating back to 1190 in Acre during the Crusades. By virtue of his office, he holds the honorary rank of First Marshal of the Patriarchate. He hold several uniformed service qualifications, including patrol boat operations, navigation, signals operations, search and rescue, and flood rescue operations. Being of Anglo-Norman and Franco-Italian descent, His Eminence's own heritage parallels the Roman and English ecclesiastical heritage of the Church he shepherds. In addition to English, the Patriarch speaks his ancestral languages of Italian and French, as well as Spanish, German, and Latin.


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