The Patriarchal Chapter comprise part of the Anticamera Nobile of the Patriarchal Household. Its role is to advise and support the ministry of the Patriarch in the governance of this Particular Church. The members of the Chapter are titular archbishops and bishops of the Patriarchal See and Canons, who are prelates that may be in minor orders, deacons, or priests. The Chapter is headed by a Dean, who is the senior-most prelate within the household. Additionally, the chief assistant to the Patriarch and administrative leader of the Patriarchal Curia, the Archdeacon, is a member of the Chapter.

H.M.E.R.H. Count Don Keith Steinhurst, Elector of Trier
Titular Archbishop and Elector of Trier in the Holy Roman Empire
Governor-General of the Patriarchal See of St. Stephen
Dean of the Patriarchal Chapter
The Governor-General is a senior official in both the Household and Curia responsible for the
administration of the temporal patrimony of the Patriarchal See.

H.M.E.R.H. Don Rubén, Cardinal Count of Gévaudan
Crown Cardinal of France

H.M.E.R.H. Count Don Douglas Deffenbaugh, Elector of Mainz
Chancellor of the Court of Saint Mary of Walsingham
The Chancellor serves in both the Household and the Curia as a senior admnistrative official,
heading the Chancery, which is responsible for producing and certifying official documents.

H.E. Most Rev. Mgr. David Nicholls
Titular Bishop of the Patriarchal See

H.E. Most Rev. Mgr. Alejandro Paulo Rodrigues
Titular Bishop of the Patriarchal See

H.E. Most Rev. Mgr. Bruce Douglas Campbell†
Titular Bishop of the Patriarchal See

Very Rev. Mgr. John Vornholt†
Dean ad Honorem


H.M.E.R.H. Count Don Douglas Deffenbaugh, Elector of Mainz
Master of the Chamber*
The Master of the Chamber is a cleric with the prelatial rank of Chamberlain.
He presides over the Anticamera Nobile.

H.I.R.H. Countess Donna Hanna, Anglo-Italian Imperial Patriarchess
The Auditor serves as the chief administrative assistant for curial work.

H.Ill.H. the Count Garrison
The Secretary serves as the chief correspondence officer and chief of protocol.

H.M.S.H. Count Don Daniel, Prince v. Reichenberg
Hereditary Regent of Würzburg
The Coppiere is the honourary wine steward, a traditional position of honour.

H.Ill.H. the Count von der Steinhörst
Surgeon General of the Patriarchate
The Surgeon General is the chief medical officer of the Patriarchal curia and household.

Gentlemen and Ladies of the Court of Saint Mary of Walsingham:

H.I.R.H. the Count of Valais

H.I.R.H. the Countess of Valais

H.M.E.R.H. Countess Alicia, Electress of Trier

H.M.E.R.H. Countess Wanda, Electress of Mainz

H.R.H. Countess Grace of Kassel

H.R.H. Countess Clara Abigayle

H.R.H. Countss Giovanna Seraphina

H.S.H. the Prince Wetsch

H.E. Floyd, Duke of Hattin, Baron of Borgo Priolo

H.E. Count Gavrilchik

H.E. Countess Gavrilchik

H.E. Count Lisle

H.E. Countess Lisle

H.E. Count Clark

H.E. James Joseph, Viscount of Marzano

H.E. Paul, Baron of Bagnaria

H.E. Florian, Baron of Gerenzago

H.E. Joseph, Lord of Albaredo

H.E. Peter, Baron of Ottobiano

Chev. Refieuna



* The Master of the Chamber and Chamberlains hold prelatial rank of Chamberlain in the prelature and are at least in Minor Orders.




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