** Civis Romanus Sum **


The Anglican Patriarchate and Stato Pontificio, as heir to the Roman Empire, grant honourary Roman citizenship under the provisions of international law pertaining to customs of sovereign entities. The rare honour of being made a Roman Citizen is associated with the following traditional rights: 

Ius suffragii: The right to vote in Roman assemblies.
Ius honorum: The right to stand for civil or public office within the Stato Pontificio Romano.
Ius commercii: The right to make legal contracts and to hold property as a Roman citizen.
Ius gentium: A legal recognition of human rights possess naturally by all persons, regardless of citizenship.
Ius conubii: The right to enter into a lawful marriage with a Roman citizen according to Roman principles.
Ius migrationis: The right to preserve one's status as a citizen upon migration.


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