Pontifical Georgian College

The principal theological seminary of the Imperial Patriarchate of St. Stephen, Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church


HIRH Ct. Rutherford Card. Johnson, PhD, STD, JCD, FPRS, FRGS
Regent & Professor of Liturgy & History

HMERH Ct. Keith Steinhurst, MD, STD, JCD, SPhilD, FPRS
Deputy Regent & Professor of Theology & Canon Law

HSH Prc. John Wetsch, PhD, FPRS

HMERH Ct. Douglas Deffenbaugh
Grand Chancellor

HMERH Ctss. Wanda Deffenbaugh

Rt. Rev. Mgr. Anthony Giunta, TORMar, PhD, JCD
Professor of Theology & Canon Law

HIH Prc. Vladimir A. Gorshkov-Cantacuzéne, MD, DSc, JCD
Honourary Professor

HRH Prince Vladimir Bagaev
Honourary Professor

Prof. Lev G. Bruk
Honourary Professor

HE Bishop Nektarios (Frolov)
Honourary Professor

Rev. Sergey Martynov
Honourary Professor

Prof. Vladimir Tsygankov
Honourary Professor

Prof. Inessa Labinskaya
Honourary Professor

Prof. Eugene Zhuperin
Honourary Professor



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