Notes on Papal Masses, Liturgy, and Ceremonies

1. The mass or liturgy is served by the bussolanti.

2. The pontifical objects used by the archfather are carried by Chamberlains or Chamberlains of Honour. It is these officials who primarily assist the Archfather during the liturgy and ceremonies. They do not use the vimpa.

3. The altar servers are most commonly the officials of the Seconda Anticamera known as the Patriarchal Bussolanti.

4. The pastoral staff (Cross of St. Stephen) may also be carried in procession by a Chamberlain or Chamberlain of Honour.

5. The bugia is not used.

6. The train is carried most typically by the train bearer(s) of the Seconda Anticamera. If front train bearers are to be used for the front of the patriarchal falda, then they may be chosen from the Auditors of the Florentine Rota, the Chamberlains, or the Chamberlains of Honour, or another official of the Chamber of the Anticamera Nobile as convenient.

7. The Kiss of Peace is not given during a solemn papal mass.

8. The blessing, whether Apostolic or of the usual form at the end of the mass, is given wearing the patriarchal tiara or, as appropriate, the mitre. The ferula (either the Staff of St. Stephen) is carried in the left hand, which may be optionally omitted at low masses. A hand cross is used in the right hand. When this format is used, the sign of the cross is made thrice in the usual manner with the hand cross in the right hand. 

Most solemnly, instead the trikirion, representing the Holy Trinity, is carried in the right hand, and the hand cross is carried in the left. When the trikirion is used, the blessing is given as follows: the trikirion and hand cross are held up in front of the chest at a reasonable height. At "Pater/Patris," they are lowered. At "Filius/Filii," the trikirion and hand cross are brought to the centre to change sides, with the trikirion above the cross (that is, the cross is furthest from the body). Then at "Spiritus," they are extended slightly outward to rotate around each other and then re-crossed in the opposite direction, i.e., with the cross closest to the body. Then at "Sanctus/Sancti," they are extended back to their original position.  

At the Apostolic Blessing, the tiara is retained throughout the blessing. The Archfather sits for the first portion of the Apostolic Blessing, i.e., "Sit nomen...", and then rises for the blessing proper, i.e., "Et Benedictio Dei...".



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