Melkite and Eastern Deacons During Papal Masses of Highest Solemnity


In recognition of the Byzantine and Slavic heritage of the Anglican Patriarchate comprise a valued and ancient part of its patrimony, and in recognition of the Melkite and Russian Rite apostolic succession of the patriarchate, at Patriarchal masses of the highest solemnity, two additional Deacons of the Mass may be op-tionally used. These deacons are known as the Melkite Deacon in the Eastern Deacon. If they are used, both may be used, or either one may be used.

  If the deacon is of the specific rite or else biritual, then he vests as a deacon of that rite in the colour appropriate to the mass as usual. However, because of the patrimony and apostolic succession of the Anglican Patriarchate, any cleric of the patriarchate of the order of deacon or above may serve in these roles, in which case the vest in Latin vestments.

  In procession, except where stated, the Melkite Deacon and East-ern Deacon follow in that order behind the Latin Deacon. During the mass, the deacons in general sit at the sedilia next to the Latin Deacon and Sub-Deacon, with the Melkite to the right and otherwise stand likewise on either side of them, such as at the Prayers at the Foot of the Altar. At the Gospel, they go to the place where the gos-pel will be sung. It is first sung in Latin and then, if there is a Melkite Deacon, in Greek, and if there is an Eastern Deacon, then in Russian or another Slavic language. During the portions of the mass at the throne, the deacons sit with the Latin deacon of the mass. Dur-ing the portions of the mass at the altar, the deacons stand with the Latin Deacon of the Mass on the pavement or second altar step as usual. If there is only one such Deacon, he stands to the left of the Latin Deacon. If there are both of the deacons, then the Eastern Deacon stands to the left, and the Melkite Deacon stands to the right. When the Latin Deacon goes to the predella, he is accompanied by the other two, who stand to the outside, the Melkite Deacon closest to the Latin Deacon. During the communion at throne, the two dea-cons follow behind the Latin Deacon and Sub-Deacon, standing side-by-side behind them, the Melkite to the right. They then likewise follow back to the altar for the purification, standing side-by-side on the second step of the altar.



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