The Economic Plague of the 21st Century

  I'm sure you will all not be surprised when I mention that increas-ing secularization is largely to blame for the cultural situation that permits the economic conditions plaguing millions of Americans (not to mention millions more around the globe). Ultimately what we are dealing with here is greed for money and lust for power. The government as a whole suffer from both (and that applies to both parties). Meanwhile, the leaders of massive corporations likewise suffer from greed and lust. Those corporations, with their resources and influence, have potential to do great good, and many have done so. But, a corporation still has a duty to bear in mind and work for the common good just as individuals do. With increasing wealth, power, rank, and influence goes increased responsibility. If as a hy-pothetical CEO my one goal is increasing profits so the shareholders will be happy and give me an even higher salary than my already staggeringly-high salary, without regard to the impact this has on others, then I might be satisfying my responsibilities to the corpora-tion, but I fail in my higher responsibilities.

  Some argue that it is survival, and that is true to an extent. Mainly, though, in smaller businesses in which one really is fighting to survive. Is it really worth putting a lot of people out of work, though, just so the CEO can afford another vacation house or swimming pool? American society unfortunately would say it is. Sadly, the pre-Civil War slavery culture was more kind to the slaves than rampant capitalism is to supposedly free people.

  We have built a society that worships the Almighty Dollar. Prof-its are considered more important than people. Until we as a society learn to love our fellow man, we will never begin to solve the problems facing us. They will only get deeper. What we are facing as a society is an economic plague caused by an infection of the soul.



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