The spirit of a true religion does not solely reside in man-made temples. Thus, the Anglican Patriarchate has few walls. We carry faith and sacraments to people wherever they are found; within existing facilities and among historic buildings of our Faith. Traditional liturgy helps carry out our mandate of mission, service, and charity. People who regularly participate in our liturgy are typically already serving with or served by one of our programs or chaplaincies. Our Franciscan ministry may be found here:

To better meet the needs of people who wish to attend liturgy or for a parish home, please consider the following organizations:

Roman Communion (Roman Catholic Church)
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Italian Episcopal Conference (Roman Catholic)
Anglican Communion
The Episcopal Church of the USA
Anglican Ordinariate in the USA (Roman Communion)
Anglican Ordinariate in Great Britain (Roman Communion)
Ecclesia Dei (Listing of traditional Tridentine masses in the USA and Canada)


The Old Holy Roman Church of the English Rite is an autonomous and semi-autocephalous Old Roman Catholic
Patriarchate with Anglican patrimony descended from the Roman Catholic See of Utrecht.
The See of Utrecht was granted autonomy from Rome by the Holy See in 1145 and has remained independent.
Modernly known as the Anglican Rite Roman Catholic Church (ARRCC), the Patriarchate is faithful
to the magisterium of eternal Rome and the eternal One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Church.
While it embraces the current Roman Communion (commonly referred to as the Roman Catholic Church,
the Anglican Ordinariate, the Anglican Communion, and other Catholic and Anglican bodies as brethren,
they are not administratively bound with the ARRCC.

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