Norms for the Use of the Mitre

General Rule: Worn while seated and addressing the people. Removed during prayers.

In Solemn Mass:
1. For Processions
2. While seated
3. When going between the throne and anywhere else.
4. During the Lavabo, but removed prior to saying the Gloria Patri
5. During the final blessing
6. Optionally during preaching

In Processions:
1. In all processions in which a cope or chasuble is worn, excepting those of the exposed Blessed Sacrament

In Sacraments:
1. While ordaining.
2. While consecrating the Holy Oils.
3. While confirming. It is worn for the questions, as well as during the laying on of hands and the anointing. It is removed for prayers.
4. While conveying the Anointing of the Sick
5. During Baptism it is worn during the first part of the rite, except during the prayers. It is removed for the baptism itself. It is also worn for the procession to the font.
6. During the Solemnization of Holy Matrimony, except during the prayers. (At the Nuptial Mass itself according to the rules for the wearing of the mitre at the mass.)
7. During a funeral at the rites over the body (except during the prayers), during the mass as usual, and if the cope is worn, at the graveside in the same manner as the biretta.

Solemn Choir Dress:
1. Along with a cope for Solemn Lauds and Solemn Vespers.
2. Other rituals outside the mass where the cope is or may be worn.

Types of Mitres:
1. The Precious Mitre is worn only by a Jurisdictional Bishop within their own jurisdiction (or when otherwise authorized). It is not worn during Advent or Lent. (This mitre is jeweled and may at any time be replaced by the Golden Mitre.)
2. The Golden Mitre is worn by all Bishops. It may be used at a Pontifical High Mass from the Arrival of the Bishop at the Throne until the Lavabo, at which point the Precious Mitre is taken.
3. The Simplex Mitre is plain white. It is worn by all Bishops on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and at Masses for the Dead. It is also worn by Bishops when in the presence of a Greater Prelate.
4. Other Mitres may be used that are white and gold or white and red in place of the Golden Mitre.
5. Mitres in liturgical colors are discouraged.


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