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At the commissioning and ordaining to the Minor Orders, the laying on of hands at the ordination to the order of Sub-Deacon and the order of Acolytes shall be with two hands. The laying on of hands for the orders of Porter, Lector, and Exorcist shall be with the right hand only, and with the left hand the Bishop shall hold forward so that the ordinand may touch with his right hand an appropriate symbol of office according to his ministry as follows:

Porter: A key or keys, which may be actual functioning keys or a symbolic one.

Lector: A copy of the breviary or a lectionary containing the readings from the Divine Offices.

Exorcist: A copy of the rites of exorcism or a copy of the Rituale Anglicanum in which said rites of exorcism are contained.

And for the office of Acolyte, the Bishop shall first place into the right hand of the ordinand a single candlestick, with an extinguished candle; and into the left hand an empty cruet. This shall be done saying nothing, and, with the ordinand holding the candlestick and cruet, the Bishop proceeds with the laying on of both hands. After the laying on of hands, the Bishops takes back the candlestick and cruet and either hands them to his attendant or, if there are other acolytes to commission and ordain, he presents them similarly to the next ordinand.

But note that in cases of just cause and need, the above may be omitted and the laying on of hands may be done with two hands in all cases.


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