Mass in the Presence of a Secular Prince of High Distinction

12 October A.D. 2012

In the event that at mass a secular prince of high distinction is present, the the mass be celebrated by other than a jurisdictional bishop within his own territory, much is observed as in the case of a mass in the presence of a grater prelate.

1. The Prince is saluted by an inclination by the priest when passing him.

2. After the prayers at the foot of the altar, he salutes the prince after saying the usual "Oremus," and then ascends to the altar.

3. After the Gospel, a missal or Evangeliarium is given to him to kiss, but not the same that is on the altar or used for the reading of the Gospel. The Celebrant does not kiss the book.

4. At all but masses of the dead, the Celebrant gives the Pax to a clerk who then immediately carries it to the prince.

5. After the Last Gospel, the Celebrant reverences the cross and then bows to the prince before retiring to the sacristy to unvest.



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