Norms for the Use of the Cappa Magna by the Archfather

1. The cappa magna of the archfather is in red, with a train of 21 feet. The winter hood is in the style of a cappuccio, as is used in the Patriarchate, long, in white fur with a red hood. The summer hood is similar, but of regular length and in red cloth.

2. The Archfather wears the cappa magna only on the following occasions:

  1. The Vigil of Christmas

  2. During the Sacred Triduum (except before and during the mass of Holy Thursday)
  3. Rites of the Dead
  4. Ash Wednesday and Penitential Rites
  5. At solemn matins throughout the year

3. Because of the occasions on which the cappa magna is worn, it is always worn by the Archfather with the hood up over the head.


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